The Headstart Junior program is for youth 5-16 and it's a great way for kids to make new friends, have fun, and learn golf! 

Each Headstart Program includes: 4 weeks of 50 minute clinics, access to the driving range, and parents can play with their child for $15 after 5:30! 

Concepts include the following: driving, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, putting, chipping, and pitching.

  • Complimentary Equipment provided as needed.

BONUS: BBQ, Access to Headstart Leagueplay

Junior golfers who complete both Headstart levels will be eligible to take part in our Boys and Girls Club!

NOTE: All of our Junior programs will be held at our sister course, Andersons Creek Golf Club. You can sign up by visiting their online store or clicking here.

NOTE: All programs require a minimum of 4 participants in order to start. If your class does not meet this requirement you will be contacted 72 hours prior to the start date if your class does not meet this requirement.


*NEW* Little Stix Program
Our Little Stix program is new for 2021! This two-week program is perfect for those ages 5 & 6 years of age who are looking to get an early start to their golf career.

Lessons include chipping, putting, and driving. Equipment is provided and the lessons have been designed for small children.

Parents are required to stay for the entire lesson.

Price: $40 + HST


  • July 8th - July 29th (Thursdays) @ 4:00 CANCELLED


Headstart Level 1 - Sparrows  
This fun easy to learn four week program is designed for the beginner junior golfer. The goal of this program is to give your son or daughter the confidence to get out and enjoy the golf course with family and friends! 

Classes begin with instruction followed by hands on practice with personalized instruction.

Price: $99 + HST


  • May 31st - June 21st (Mondays) @ 5:00 CLASS FULL
  • June 3rd - June 24th (Thursdays) @ 6:00
  • June 5th - June 26th (Saturdays) @ 9:00 CLASS FULL
  • June 28th - July 19th (Mondays) @ 5:00
  • July 1st - July 22nd (Thursdays) @ 6:00
  • July 3rd - July 24th (Saturdays) @ 9:00



Headstart Level 2 - Blue Jays 
For those juniors looking to take their skills to the next level; this program builds on the fundamental skills learned in Level 1. 

Students will learn basic rules, course management strategies while placing an emphasis on skill development and improved scoring! Classes begin with instruction followed by hands on practice with personalized instruction.

This program features skills competitions with great prizes to be won!

Price: $99 + HST


  • May 31st - June 21st (Mondays) @ 6:00
  • June 3rd - June 24th (Thursdays) @ 5:00
  • June 5th - June 26th (Saturdays) @ 10:00
  • June 28th - July 19th (Mondays) @ 6:00
  • July 1st - July 22nd (Thursdays) @ 5:00
  • July 3rd - July 24th (Saturdays) @ 10:00